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Amazon Sales Simplified

Why Apex Distributing?

Brand Storefront Creation / Enhancement

This includes photography, lifestyle photos, and creation for Amazon storefront

Brand Integrity Protection

Maintaining you reputation and price points in the marketplace

Product bundling

Physical and virtual product bundling to increase average transaction value

Professional Marketing

Multi platform targeted marketing campaigns on Amazon, Google, and Social Media

Upfront Inventory Payments

Receive payment for your products immediately

Product Integrity

Products sold without the brands permission can harm relationships with distriband damage the products reputation

Existing Sales Price Protection

Protect the sales relationships with your existing customers now and going forward. Prevent the race to the bottom pricing situation

Inventory Control and Shipping to Fulfillment Centers

This includes packaging and labeling services from our 11,000 square foot warehouse located centrally in Kansas City, MO

Maintaining Minimum Advertised Price

Ensuring your price on Amazon does not undercut your professional sales channels or D2C sales

Customer Relationship Management

Feedback monitoring and communication with Amazon Customers

International Expansion

Opportunities to sell in Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, and Singapore

Affiliate Account Setup

Option to promote your brand to increase Amazon sales

Trusted by category leaders

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